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Caucasians running out of ideas


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White Supremacy

Outstanding Performances:
ente… V. Smith…
We do not care what color you are, so long as it is White.
Emotional repression
Free Speech
Political Correctness
Sexual Repression
White culture
White guilt
White supremacy
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White Whine

More White Whine with Your Fish?

Thin-skinned Caucasians playing the Race Card of believing only they possess a right to Free Speech

Response to these Claims of Playing the Race Card:

Statements made to others that are apolitical are White delusions: They do not exist because all communication with others is political. White statements decrying politics are, in themselves, political; while making claims without evidence is just as bigoted as Whites are when regarding those with whom they do not agree. White Identity politics (ie, White supremacy) is the solipsism that pretends it is not the least bit political; while serving the all-important political end of White reality-evasion.

If, for example, Frank TALKER wrote a review of the movie Casablanca without mentioning Hitler, Nazi Germany and White totalitarianism, the PC-brigade would be happy. However, Frank TALKER lives in the real world, not the Hollywood one.

Projection & Displacement

Whites invented the People Of Color (POC)-only Race Card to allege POC gain an advantage from using it - without explicitly stating what that advantage might be, save to suggest POC exploit it to hide their own cultural and personal flaws. POC can never benefit from any kind of Race Card when POC control no institutions in any White culture in any of the 52 White-ruled countries of the globe - unlike Whites (eg, by claiming the Race Card is being played by their enemies whenever Whites are criticized for playing the Whites-only Race Card).

Whites are playing the (their) Race Card at exactly the moment they claim others are, to pretend White supremacy does not exist; the Race Card being one of the many negative products of White Guilt and an example of racism, in itself. As a rape victim cannot play the non-existent gender card, playing the Race Card is precisely the kind of argument pedophiles and rapists use when confronted with their victims: “She was asking for it”.

White free speech

Whites take political commentary personally because their culture conflates such things as the Personal with the Political; the Public with the Private; Ethnicity with Nationality; Correlations with Causations; to more easily cheat people into working for a social acceptance - from Whites - that never comes and is never intended to.

Whites demand that any discussion of White supremacy be umpired by Whites - to achieve their desired goal of not feeling guilty about how they benefit from unearned privilege (& then blaming POC for the impossibility of achieving such a goal). Hence, the White invention of a psychologically-soothing Race Card that, somehow, can only be played by POC since, when Whites play it (via White supremacy), that is just how things are (& are supposed to be). If Whites feel bad, POC are playing the Race Card; if Whites feel good, POC have learned their lowly place in the great White scheme of things. A Card that only Whites can play is an example of the only racial equality Whites preach: The unfounded allegation that POC are equally racist when compared to Whites.

“Reverse Racism”

Hardly surprising, then, that Whites think the only equity possible between ethnic groups is their own negativity toward the ethnicity of others - as well as their own ethnicity, which they frequently deny possessing. Because Whites think POC possess no positive qualities, Whites invented the similarly non-existent (& for the same reasons outlined in this posting) concept of “Reverse Racism” - as if that could possibly make White racism seem reasonable and justified. A concept not based on irrational fear, but cultural self-defense.

“Blaming the Victim”

The White claim of POC playing the Race Card allows Whites to benefit from the Whites-only Race Card by implying all complaints of White supremacy are inherently false; making all White claims about POC, thus, inherently true. The Race Card serves the dual purpose of allowing Whites to perpetuate the political benefits of being openly-racist (the only way in which racism flourishes to maximum White advantage) while simultaneously-denying that those very benefits even exist. It is a Card only Whites can use and helps assuage guilt for evil actions by pretending such actions are justified.

White guilt

Because there are no rational arguments in favor of racism, the Race Card is simply a desperate White means for evading debate about the benefits all Whites receive from White supremacy. The White hope is that White Guilt will recede, but the universal (guilt-induced) anger with which Whites make such claims proves this political gambit does not work; only making matters worse for Whites - both psychologically and politically.

The power of the White claim that POC play the Race Card is really the power of paralyzing White Guilt; the inevitable product and direct result of the inherent amorality of the various White cultures. Thus, Whites are clearly more concerned with White Guilt than they are with POC lives: So long as non-one mentions the Racewar, Whites could not care less.


The urge to stereotype others is strong in Whites because it helps them feel they have overcome their fear of others (by inventing comforting delusions about the automatic inferiority of those others). It also convinces Whites they need not listen to anyone other than themselves in their belief that they possess a right to deny others the same rights they demand for themselves; eg, so-called Free Speech (ie, the right to offend people for being different). Whites only favor Free Speech when it flatters Whites.

Political Correctness

Whites need, desperately, to live in a contextless political vacuum in the hope that no blame attaches to them for anything, whatsoever, and everything that happens, anywhere, can be blamed on someone else (eg, 9/11 had nothing to do with Whites unwanted interference in the internal affairs of sovereign Arab states for the past 70 years); rendering political commentary as inevitable as it is necessary. Under the tenets of Free Speech, such commentary cannot - reasonably - be disallowed except by political correctoids - who actually wish to escape the politics they preach; that is, to escape the limitations of reality. The White definition of Free Speech requires the invented distraction of a Race Card (& its necessary handmaiden, Political Correctness) to evade the fact that Free Speech for those darker-skinned than Whites is under constant attack - from Whites.

Political-correctoids are not free agents, so never act like ones. They fool themselves into thinking they can tell others how to think, speak & behave. They have no substantive arguments and simply rely on reality-evasion to psychologically-support their own empty lifestyles that are built on nothing more than metaphysical, epistemological & ethical sand. It is Whites who posses the cultural and personal flaws the invention of the Race Card is meant to conceal.

Dr. Evil

Whites live their lives on the basis that their obsession with fantasy is more important than reality. Their talk is all despair at finding the world will not conform to their übermensch desires; hence, their wish to compartmentalize experience in such a way that real-life is successfully-elided - at least in their Bond villain dreams of world domination (eg, the World Bank & the IMF).

This White schizophrenia accounts for Whites’ endless, unjustified complaints when others do not think, act or talk as they do. And for Whites making false claims about others without evidence. And for Whites’ need to mock others - who can see right through them with the weapons of irony, satire & sarcasm. And for Whites’ need to destroy competition rather than win-out against it in a fair fight.

It is not necessary to agree with others – that is the totalitarian dream represented by Political-Correctness. It is, after all, a simple matter to refrain from engaging with that which one finds disagreeable or to disassociate oneself from those with whom one is not compatible. But that would mean accepting others’ right to self-determination - something Whites find impossible.

The real world

Non-Whites and Jews avoid Whites precisely because they do not wish to be killed, mocked or brainwashed by those same Whites; hence, White resentment when a White supremacy alert (what Whites disparagingly call: Playing the Race Card) is issued by POC against any product of White culture. Few find Whites trustworthy; making Whites feel lonely and psychologically-adrift as human beings. (One of the curious by-products of Whiteness is the White penchant for pet-ownership, along with the search for extraterrestrial life - to counter their self-willed, lonely-at-the-top existential and terrestrial ennui - rather than adopting the simpler expedient of making friends here on Earth with their fellow humans.)

Ultimately, the Race Card is a card Whites designed that only People of Color are alleged to play; but from which only Whites can benefit: “Heads I Win; Tails You Lose”. The mere claim of playing the Race Card is the only way the Race Card can ever be successfully played.

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Paper Tigers

Melodramatic, southern gothic (comparable to Tennessee Williams) look at the morbidity and self-indulgence of White culture fuelled, as it is, by sexual and emotional repression.

Points are made about White inbreeding caused by the White need of White supremacy and the genetic malformations so caused. In addition to the inherent instability of the White nuclear and extended families. As well as the usual masochistic and guilt-ridden sexual fetishizing of openly-feared Black people.

The film is designed to look like the still photography of the sixties - a more resonant idea than simply using the music of the period. The characterization and acting is excellent and vivid; while the direction and screenwriting is very much to the point. Where it fails is in being more of a description of White culture than a necessary explanation that could contribute more to an understanding of that cultures failings.

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Why the West’s Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done so Much Ill and so Little Good


Interesting book about Whites and their inability to find a means of effectively helping the Third World; resulting from the White inability to see beyond the profound institutional limitations of both Foreign Aid or Military Intervention - and, indeed, their own limited culture.

Because it is written by a White, he is unable to be honest about the endemic malice and condescension of Whites toward non-Whites. Generalized vindictiveness that causes them to create poverty-reduction plans Whites know are not going to work: Plans designed to disincentivize large-scale migration of Third World poor and to prevent non-Whites from becoming economic competitors in global Capitalism. The War on Terror makes things worse because Whites imagine (as they do regarding their own countries’ crime rates) that terrorism is caused by poverty. That the causes of terrorism are actually the self-same foreign intervention (supposedly designed to alleviate poverty) is conveniently and deliberately elided.

The book also fails to compare - in depth - Foreign Aid with Domestic Welfare such that the similar reasons for the failure of both remain unilluminated. Moreover, White guilt and White narcissism are not assigned their due place in explaining why Whites want to save the world, but have no plan for saving the world from Whites. Whites wish to recreate the world in their own image and so fantasize about being Aryan supermen: The only kind of people Whites imagine can achieve such goals. Utopian for Whites; Dystopian for everyone else. Rather than look at the actual problems of others, Whites choose to see others only in comparison to themselves; presenting a distorted view of objective reality.

The author’s political naivety stems from a belief in the essential goodness of Whites, a belief that only Whites, themselves, possess. As well as their neurotic inability to divorce Intentions from Acts such that preaching what to do becomes a greater goal than actually doing anything. Whites seek a mirror in which to permanently admire themselves; ignoring the suffering they claim to be alleviating as the only means of evading their own inner emptiness. This is why Whites rarely focus on outcomes but on intentions, since positive outcomes are harder to find.

The author’s realization that self-directed and organic development is the only way forward for the world’s poor (as practiced in the First World) is likely to go unheeded. Detested Whites (like Bob Geldof & Bono) are far too keen to publicly remain at the center of their own vain pipe-dreams of sainthood than they are to actually listen to the poor. Helping the world’s poor by funding the poor’s own ideas for development - since the poor are the only people who understand the situation on the ground because of their daily experience of it - keeps Whites from hogging the limelight and, hence, is not favored by them.

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Miyamoto Musashi

Man of many parts...

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